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Pompeii an Interesting Sight to See for Couples on Italy Honeymoon

If you have been considering an Italy honeymoon for your post-nuptial getaway, Pompeii is just one of the many interesting sights to see. Offering a rich history literally frozen in time, couples can experience something truly incredible by visiting this town-city.

Located near modern-day Naples in the Italian region of Campania, Pompeii was partially destroyed and buried under about 13-20 feet of ash and pumice after he eruption of Mount Vesivuis took place in AD 79. Lost for nearly 1700 years, this commune was accidentally rediscovered in 1749, and its excavation has provided amazing insight into what life was like during the Pax Romana (the long period of relative peace and minimal expansion by military force experienced by the Roman Empire).

A very popular sight, Pompeii receives over 2 million visitors each year! Couples on their Italy honeymoon will not want to miss out on the incredible journey that Pompeii offers. Excavations began back in 1748, but systematic excavations started in 1861 by Guiseppe Fiorelli, who was responsible for creating the technique of making plaster casts of the victims of the eruption that you see around the site today.

Pompeii Provides Rich History for Newlyweds on Italy Honeymoon

A haven for many wealthy Romans, newlyweds on their Italy honeymoon will discover frescos that still seem Italy Honeymoonfresh, and restored mosaic floors. In fact, the houses and apartments that existed in Pompeii would probably still be pretty desirable to live in even in this day and age.

Pompeii offers Italy honeymoon sightseers a literal snapshot of what Roman life was like in the 1st century. The baths, many houses, and some out of town villas remain well preserved even today. Insights into daily life have also been preserved, with details about people’s professions, graffiti left on the walls and many more interesting artifacts, Pompeii offers an interesting take on the history of that time.

Italy honeymoon goers will also be interested to discover that there are two spellings; Pompeii refers to the spelling of the ancient Roman site, while Pompei refers to the modern town where there are actually hotels to stay in that are only a short walk away from the site of the ancient city. There are also many delicious restaurants to visit.

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