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Italy Honeymoon

Italy Honeymoons Provide Newlyweds With Romantic Gondola Rides in Venice

Couples that have been considering an extra special post-wedding getaway will want to consider an Italy honeymoon. With so many beautiful cities that offer beautiful scenery, interesting history and delicious food, it’s the perfect place to celebrate your marriage. Venice, for example, offers romantic gondola rides that significant others will not want to pass up.

Gondolas originated in Venice as the city resides at the edge of the Adriatic Sea. This is what makes Venice so special, as their streets are actually waterways for boat traffic. An ancient rowboat that originated thousands of years ago, the gondola has a unique design to allow just one gondolier to navigate through the narrow waterways with a single oar.

Newlyweds interested in an Italy honeymoon will be fascinated to learn that back in the 1600s, there were an estimated 10,000 gondolas being rowed around Venice! Today, the romantic, historical experience of a gondola ride makes Venice a popular place to visit, and gondolas the prime source for transportation while you’re touring this beautiful city.

Venice Offers Romantic Gondola Rides During Italy Honeymoons

It is recommended that spouses on their Italy honeymoon take a gondola ride on the quiet, back canals if Italy Honeymoonthey are looking for something more romantic. Since these rides go through less touristic areas, couples can enjoy sights and sounds of Venice in a different, more personal way without gondola traffic. However, for those looking to see the major sights, gondola rides on the Grand Canal offer exciting tours of the city and the gondolier may also provide information about specific sights and locations, or even sing a song.

You will find that many gondolas are ornately decorated and some even have comfortable seats and blankets for the ultimate romantic experience. You and your partner can stroll around Venice and take in the sights and choose the gondola that suits your fancy during your Italy honeymoon.


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