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Italy Honeymoon

Italy Honeymoon Couples Visit Blue Grotto in Capri for Incredible Sightseeing

Have you and your newly wed spouse been considering an Italy honeymoon? Michelangelo Tours of Italy offers a number of wonderful tours of this beautiful country to offer a romantic, exciting post-wedding adventure.

One of the many tours that Michelangelo Tours of Italy has to offer to couples looking for a romantic Italy honeymoon is a Rome to Capri tour. This 8 day tour starts in Rome and heads north and provides a wonderful blend of city and countryside sightseeing. During this tour, couples will visit the sunny island of Capri which has adopted the nickname, “The Garden of Eden.”

Capri has been a popular resort town since the early days of the Roman Republic. With beautiful villas both ancient and modern, tons of shopping and impressive sightseeing, Capri is a wonderful place to visit during your Italy Honeymoon.

The Blue Grotto is just one of the many sights to see in Capri. This sea cave is located on the coast of this beautiful island and the sunlight that passes through an underwater cavity shines through the seawater to create a blue reflection that illuminates the whole cavern.

Capri Offers Beautiful Sights During Italy Honeymoon

The brilliant blue light makes for a rare sight that you and your loved one on your Italy honeymoon won’t Italy Honeymoonforget. Its dazzling effect has been known in ancient times by the Romans and was found with antique statues inside of the cavern. August Kopsich, a German Writer, had discovered the Grotto in 1826 and believed he had discovered a previously unknown natural wonder while swimming around the area. Today, the Blue Grotto has become somewhat of an emblem to the beautiful island of Capri.

To visit the Blue Grotto on your Italy honeymoon, you can take a motorboat from the port of Marina Grande or take a bus or taxi. To actually enter the low opening to the cavern, sightseers are transferred from the motorboat into a small wooden rowboat by an oarsmen who specializes in taking travellers and sightseers into the cave. There is no headroom, so you and your spouse will have to lie on your backs in the opening to clear the entranceway, however the inside of the Grotto is spacious and so beautiful.

Couples visiting Capri on their Italy honeymoon will not want to miss out on the beautiful Blue Grotto and its beautifully illuminated cavern that has been so popular even since ancient times. To find out more about the Rome to Capri tour that Michelangelo Tours of Italy offers, or if you’re interested in any other tours, you can call 877-267-2307.

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