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Italy Honeymoon

Couples on Their Italy Honeymoon Enjoy Beautiful Palermo Sicily

If you’ve been considering an Italy honeymoon for after your wedding but can’t quite decide where Italy Honeymoonexactly to go, Palermo is a wonderful choice. The capital of Sicily, Palermo contains beautiful beaches along its coastline, numerous castles, churches and museums with rich histories and much more.

Couples on their Italy honeymoon will find that Palermo has numerous sights to see and places to visit, and just one of the many must-see attractions is the Palermo Cathedral. Built upon an older religious site dating back to the 1100’s, this cathedral has a mix of Muslim, Gothic, Romantic, Renaissance and Modern styles that make it so unique. The Palermo Cathedral also contains the Tesora Museum, which offers tributes to the many Sicily Kings and also houses the crown jewel collection.

Another premier sight to see in Palermo is the Teatro Massimo, the largest theatre in Italy that still offers numerous performances per year. This fully refurbished attraction is not to be missed for both its beauty and the talent within the acts performed there.

An Italy honeymoon is not complete without visiting a few outdoor markets. Couples will love to stroll through any of the numerous markets available in Palermo. With delicious street foods and unique goods, newlyweds can visit the Vucciria, Ballaro, Capo, or the Piazza Perani.

Palermo Provides Excellent Italy Honeymoon For Newlyweds

Newlyweds on their Italy honeymoon can also take advantage of the exciting nightlife that Palermo has to offer. There are a number of operas and ballets to see, as well as live outdoor concerts during the summer and other performances. There are also numerous places to go for a fun and romantic night of dancing with tons of open-air dance floors as well as many bars that specialize in an advanced form of mixology.

Italy honeymoon goers can also enjoy the extensive coastline at Palermo’s beautiful beaches. The sandy beaches can be visited year round, however couples can soak up the sun and enjoy the warmth of the bright blue ocean best between September and June before the beaches are too crowded with tourists. Crystal clear waters, long coastal walks and many unique coves can be found all along the coast of Palermo.

Couples on their Italy honeymoon will truly enjoy everything that Palermo has to offer. With so much interesting history, unique sights to see, entertaining nightlife and picturesque scenery surrounding it, Palermo really does have it all to create the ultimate romantic and exciting experience during your honeymoon.

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